Mark Morris Dance Group

Here is a montage of the Mark Morris Dance Group dancing clips from works created by chorographer and founder of the company, Mark Morris.

Mark Morris has always been fascinating to me because he is a dancer and choreographer who has never been afraid to break or ignore conventions in dance, and push boundaries to create his own style of expression. Even his dance background was unconventional.

He not only choreographs but also directs operas. So in a sense he is a muscian who condoucts and “composes” through dance. It is no wonder then that his choreography is so musical. To me many of his works could be described as music visualizations.

When I saw an interview with Mark Morris what impressed me the most was how happy and joyful he was talking about his work. To him creating dances was just like playing. It is this attitude of playfull fun that permeates his work no matter what the subject matter.

I enjoy and appreciate what Mark Morris brings to dance; simplicity, joy, lightness and humor, and how he shares his propensity for play, which is not often seen in dance today.

I hope you enjoy this vidoe and share with friends!


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