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    Here are clips from the ballet “RAVE.VOB” danced by Ballet de Lorraine, choreographed by the famous American choreographer, Karole Armitage. This ballet is a blast! It is full of color, humour and attitude with expressive connections and moves! The choreography is ballet based that is fused with martial arts, pop, and Vogue movements! Karole Armitage created RAVE.VOB in response to the attack of 9/11 in New York City September 2001. Instead of focusing on the losses, she chose to express [...]

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  • Haze


    This video shows an excerpt from a piece called “Haze”, performed by the Beijing Contemporary Dance Company. The choreography is by Wang Yuan and music by Henryk Gorecki, Symphony No.3 & Biosphere. This piece is fascinating and a great study of how dancers cope on an unstable stage made from what looks like a giant mattress. Overall the piece is dark, gloomy, tense and foreboding. The scene is stark and bare, void of any color. The music, in this excerpt, [...]

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