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  • Petite Mort Part 2 of 2

    Petite Mort Part 2 of 2

    Here is the second part of “Petie Mort” choreographed by Jiri Kylian  danced by the Nederlands Dans Theater. Again Sublime!, Gorgeous! and absolutely Beautiful! in movement and image. The sculptural elements in the piece are stunning. The whole piece to me speaks of intimacy and of embracing, enfolding, entwining, between; movement and music, ballet and contemporary, men and women, movement and stillness…into poignant moments of crystal clarity. Ah! I think this would be wonderful to dance, sumptuous movement and music, a dancers dream! Hope you enjoy [...]

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  • Petite Mort Part 1 of 2

    Petite Mort Part 1 of 2

    Here is part 1 of Jiri Kylian’s “Petite Mort” ballet, danced by the Nederlands Dans Theater. Music is Mozart, piano concerto No 23 2nd Movement. Sublime! Gorgeous! Breathtaking!…. What more can anyone say about Kylian’s choreography and the dancing is exquisite. The opening scene with the swords is brilliant, and the work progresses with movement that is seamless, effortless and captivating as it punctuates the music with subtle and crystal like nuances. Kylian has such an incredible way of hearing and seeing [...]

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  • Rafael Bonachela’s WE UNFOLD (music Ezio Bosso)

    Rafael Bonachela’s WE UNFOLD (music Ezio Bosso)

    Here is the Sydney Dance Company dancing Rafael Bonachela’s “We Unfold”. The music is composed by Ezio Boss. I am mesmerized by Rafael Bonachela’s choreography. I find it so fluid yet very erratic and kinetic at the same time. There is a gentle subtleness to the movement with and undercurrent of tension that evolves into a powerful cosmic climax. It just seems to draw you along…. wonderful! The music is so passionate and together with the dancing and choreography they [...]

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