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  • .Vespers-Part 2 .

    .Vespers-Part 2 .

    This video shows the remaining part of the piece, Vespers, choreographed by Ulysses Dove. The more I watch this piece the more amazed I am at the power, intensity and emotion that is rendered from these phenomenal dancers. The timing throughout is impeccable, the split second speed with moments of stillness are so dynamic as the movements are done with such crisp exactness. What a force these elements create. The choreography is brilliant. The lighting also adds so much to [...]

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  • Vespers-Part 1. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

    Vespers-Part 1. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

    This video is a stunning piece danced by six women from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. It is called “Vespers” and was choreographed by the renowned American Choreographer, Ulysses Dove. The music is by Mikel Rouse. Ulysses Doves’ source of inspiration for this piece was from his childhood when he accompanied his Great Grandmother and Grandmother to their Baptist Sunday services. There he witnessed their fervent and powerful spiritual faith. As he grew up he observed the stark and [...]

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