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  • D-MAN in the Waters – Bill.T.Jones.mp4

    D-MAN in the Waters – Bill.T.Jones.mp4

    This video shows the first section of the piece “D-Man in the Waters” choreographed by the renown American choreographer, Bill T Jones. This piece was choreographed in 1998. It is danced by the Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. The music is Mozart. What strikes me about this piece is how the energy flows, shifts and turns throughout. It is up lifting, joyful and light and I feel carried along with the current. The lighting sometimes bright and sometimes dim and dappled [...]

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  • .Faun. Part 2 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    .Faun. Part 2 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    Here is the 2nd part of the “Faun” choreographed by Sidi Larbi cherkaoui and danced by James O’Hara and Daisy Phillips. The more I watch this dance the more mesmerized I become by how exquisite it is. The back drop and lighting are simple yet support the piece perfectly. The playfulness, innocent wonder and joy in the dancing is fabulous. The entwining of their bodies and pure exploration of each other is delightful. And James is amazing! I think Nijinsky [...]

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  • .Faun. Part 1 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    .Faun. Part 1 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    This video shows part 1 of a delightful duet called “Faun” choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The dancers are James O’Hara and Daisy Phillips who are dancers in Cherkaoui’s company. The music is by Debussy. This piece was commissioned to be presented at the “In the Spirit of Diaghilev” festival. The dance is to celebrate and honor Vaslav Nijinsky’s infamous ballet “L’Apres de Midis de Faun”. Diaghilev was Nijinsky’s mentor who supported him in the creation of his ballet. At [...]

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