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  • D-MAN in the Waters – Bill.T.Jones.mp4

    D-MAN in the Waters – Bill.T.Jones.mp4

    This video shows the first section of the piece “D-Man in the Waters” choreographed by the renown American choreographer, Bill T Jones. This piece was choreographed in 1998. It is danced by the Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. The music is Mozart. What strikes me about this piece is how the energy flows, shifts and turns throughout. It is up lifting, joyful and light and I feel carried along with the current. The lighting sometimes bright and sometimes dim and dappled [...]

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  • .Faun. Part 2 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    .Faun. Part 2 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    Here is the 2nd part of the “Faun” choreographed by Sidi Larbi cherkaoui and danced by James O’Hara and Daisy Phillips. The more I watch this dance the more mesmerized I become by how exquisite it is. The back drop and lighting are simple yet support the piece perfectly. The playfulness, innocent wonder and joy in the dancing is fabulous. The entwining of their bodies and pure exploration of each other is delightful. And James is amazing! I think Nijinsky [...]

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  • .Faun. Part 1 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    .Faun. Part 1 – In the Spirit of Diaghilev .

    This video shows part 1 of a delightful duet called “Faun” choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The dancers are James O’Hara and Daisy Phillips who are dancers in Cherkaoui’s company. The music is by Debussy. This piece was commissioned to be presented at the “In the Spirit of Diaghilev” festival. The dance is to celebrate and honor Vaslav Nijinsky’s infamous ballet “L’Apres de Midis de Faun”. Diaghilev was Nijinsky’s mentor who supported him in the creation of his ballet. At [...]

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  • .Vespers-Part 2 .

    .Vespers-Part 2 .

    This video shows the remaining part of the piece, Vespers, choreographed by Ulysses Dove. The more I watch this piece the more amazed I am at the power, intensity and emotion that is rendered from these phenomenal dancers. The timing throughout is impeccable, the split second speed with moments of stillness are so dynamic as the movements are done with such crisp exactness. What a force these elements create. The choreography is brilliant. The lighting also adds so much to [...]

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  • Vespers-Part 1. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

    Vespers-Part 1. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

    This video is a stunning piece danced by six women from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. It is called “Vespers” and was choreographed by the renowned American Choreographer, Ulysses Dove. The music is by Mikel Rouse. Ulysses Doves’ source of inspiration for this piece was from his childhood when he accompanied his Great Grandmother and Grandmother to their Baptist Sunday services. There he witnessed their fervent and powerful spiritual faith. As he grew up he observed the stark and [...]

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  • AfterLight part 2

    AfterLight part 2

    This video shows a solo danced by Daniel Proitte choreographed by Russell Maliphant… The Music is Erik Satie played by Dustin Gledhill and special effects lighting by Michael Halls. This is a lovely solo by a male dancer, Proitte, who’s background comes from Hip Hop. It is such a treat and refreshing to see a male dancer dance in such a poetic and sensitive way in a time when men are so defined by technical prowess, strength and virtuosity. Satie’s [...]

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  • Hofesh Shechter-Political Mother

    Hofesh Shechter-Political Mother

    The clips in this video are from the explosive piece called “Political Mother” choreographed by the most popular choreographer in the UK at the moment, Hofesh Shechter. He is Israeli born and now working in London England. His background as a dancer includes experience with the Batshiva Dance Company in Isreal. Hofesh Shechter is a dancer/chorographer and a musician /composer. He composed the score as a rock fusion and the choreography unique to his style was influenced by combining Israeli [...]

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  • .Semionova & Malakhov in Caravaggio – Staatsballett Berlin

    .Semionova & Malakhov in Caravaggio – Staatsballett Berlin

    This video is a really well made montage of clips from Mauro Bigonzetti’s new ballet, “Caravaggio” danced by the Staatsballett of Berlin. The music is composed by Bruno Moretti based on the style of Claudio Monteverdi. The principal dancers are Polina Semianova and V. Malakhov. This ballet is about the life of the famous Italian artist, Caravaggio. It is a contemporary ballet in two acts. The dancing is exceptional and the choreography is so beautiful, showing a generous mixture of [...]

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  • Preljocaj Angelin

    Preljocaj Angelin

    The scene on this video shows the seven dwarfs from Angelin Proljocaj’s dance film, “Blanche Neige” (Snow White). The music is Mahler and suits the dance subject really well. The ballet is really interesting. There are a few scenes I particularly like and this is one of them. Again Contemporary ballet is stretching it self. Instead of Sylphs flying across on cables we have troll like Dwarfs bounding and clambering about on the side of a mountain. I love that [...]

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    Here is a video of a contemporary piece choreographed by Mauro Bigonzetti, called Certe Netti. I believe this is Italian. I really like the music and how it gives the dance a feeling of a rock concert. It is a nice and welcome change of pace and atmosphere. I like how contemporary dance is being stretched in all directions and adapted to different styles of presentation; it’s growing possibilities give it an ever expanding raw abandon even to this style. [...]

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