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  • .Le Parc – Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris

    .Le Parc – Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris

    This video is the 3rd abandon pas de deux from Angelin Preljocaj’s ballet, “Le Parc”. Music is Piano Concerto No.22 K 482, Adagio by Mozart and dance by Aurelie Dupont and Manuel Legris. Sublime is the word that keeps coming to mind, gentle, sensitive, sensual and deeply intimate. I love the period touch to it suggesting something forbidden and all the more passionate and delicious! I especially enjoy the “kiss” at which point they go into complete abandon highlighted by [...]

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    Here are is a video of clips from a dance piece called “Play”. It is danced by the Italian, Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre Company, founded by artistic director Guilia Stecioli in 1995. Her background is in ballet, gymnastics to Olympic level, Alvin Ailey dance training with a strong emphasis on dance theatre and movement study. They combine contemporary dance movement with the power and strength from athletics, although all top dancers are just as strong in many ways. The company [...]

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  • SYTYCD Season 9 Opening Number – Christopher Scott Routine

    SYTYCD Season 9 Opening Number – Christopher Scott Routine

    Here is the opening group routine for SYTYCD season 9, top 20. It is choreographed by Christopher Scott. This is actually one of my favorite ensemble pieces from the entire series. To me it ranks with much outstanding choreography on the contemporary stage at large I like the choice of music which underpins the piece with a constant jarring drive. It seems to push the workers to madly do more fueling the tension between them as they seem trapped in [...]

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  • ..Sylvie Guillem – Two (Rise and Fall) .

    ..Sylvie Guillem – Two (Rise and Fall) .

    This video shows the famous dancer, Sylvie Guillem dancing in “Two (Rise and Fall) choreographed by Russell Maliphant. As is noted in the beginning of the video this piece demonstrates the expressive interplay between movement, lighting and sound. The movmenet danced by Sylvie Guillem is gorgeous which shows so clearly the use of her back, so strong and expressive. Her arms flow like tendrils that unfold outwards and inwards from the back and cut the space around her. The accent [...]

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  • William Forsythe – One flat thing reproduced

    William Forsythe – One flat thing reproduced

    This video shows excerpts from the Ballet, “One Flat Thing Reproduced”. Choreographed by William Forsythe and dance by the William Forsythe Company. The more I watch this the more I like it. The movement is impulsive and erratic. Constant shifts in space through, around, under and over the flat spaces are danced with a drive and urgency in moments of harmony and dissonance. At first I had the impression of cats stealthily walking towards me. This gave way to a [...]

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