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  • La Prima Vez – Pina

    La Prima Vez – Pina

    This video shows a deeply emotional and moving solo choreographed by Pina Bausch. The dancer is a member of the Wuppertal Tanztheatre that was directed by Pina Bausch and the music is a traditional Sephardic song performed by The New World Renaissance Band from the soundtrack of Pina Bausches’ work Der Fensterputzer” This Piece is titled, “La Prima Vez”. I think this dance is so hauntingly beautiful in a quiet and reflective way. And even borders on the edge of [...]

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  • Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker 2

    Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker 2

    The video is a powerful and gripping sequence that is filmed in a space that is bright, stark, and institutional, producing a sense of sterile alienation. It is the second video we are presenting from the dance film by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Rosas Danst Rosas. The dancers sit on chairs which are arranged facing the same direction, seated behind each other next to empty seats giving a sense of isolation. The dancing is powerful, sharp and compelling as they [...]

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