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  • Whim 1st part

    Whim 1st part

    Exciting and original, “WHIM, Fractured Fairytale” choreographed by Alexander Ekman is a humorous and wonderfully performed piece of dance theatre. We show here the first part of the ballet. It is performed by the It Danza of the Insititute of Theatre in Barcelona. The music is for this section is Antonio Vivaldi. This piece is sheer fun, clever and full of unexpected surprises. The choreography is contemporary combined with a lot of pedestrian movement and gesture. Ekman has also used [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011 Pas de Deux

    Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011 Pas de Deux

    This video is another section from the same ballet, Sem Mim (Without Me) we posted yesterday of the Brazialian Grupo Corpo. This section showing a lovely poetic lament between two lovers is choreographed by Brazialian choreographer Rodrigo Pedemeiras. The musical score is composed by Carlos Numex and Jose Wisnik and is sung in a rich longing lament. The duet is beautifully danced behind a huge net. The net screens the dancers adding an interesting texture and sense of intimacy. You [...]

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