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  • Caravaggio. The Dance of Young Musicians

    Caravaggio. The Dance of Young Musicians

    Don’t miss this most exquisite romantic duo/trio of The Dance of Young Musicians from Mauro Bigonzetti’s two act contemporary ballet, Caravaggio. It is danced here by Vladimir Malakhov, Shoko Nakamura and Michael Banzhaf of the Staatsballet in Berlin. The music is composed by Bruno Moretti based on Claudio Monteverdi. I just can’t get enough of this piece, to me it is a “wow” in the most touching and satisfying sense because it is so beautiful. Bigonzetti again has created a [...]

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  • Tyrell Rolle Takedemi

    Tyrell Rolle Takedemi

    Clever and captivating, this performance by Tyrell Rolle of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, dances a solo choreographed by Robert Battle called “Takedemi”. The music features Sheila Chandra. This piece as a wonderful fusion of South Indian Kamatic rhythms, that have been “deconstructed and abstracted” into contemporary dance language. The movement is driven and shaped by the vocalized rhythmic syllables in the score. The choreography is bold, dynamic and fascinating to watch. We see Tyrell dance a mix of shapes, [...]

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  • Butoh (Buto) – Sankai Juku

    Butoh (Buto) – Sankai Juku

    Here we present another strong and beautiful segment danced by the famous Butoh company, Sankai Juku. I don’t know which work this is from, but the choreographer and designer is Ushio Amagatsu who is also the director of the company. I have seen this company live and remember how riveting and powerful they were. The performance seemed so short! The dancers are incredible and the images are literally out of this world! This segment is no exception. The dancing and [...]

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  • dissolve in this Johan Inger Nederlands Dans Theater I and II

    dissolve in this Johan Inger Nederlands Dans Theater I and II

    This is an exciting and intense work called “dissolve in this” choreographed by Johan Inger for the Netherlands dance theatres I and II. He collaborated in this production with Jens Sethzen who created the sets and lighting design. This ballet is created for16 dancers although it is not intended as a large group work. Inger focuses initially in and out of the individual experience with each dancer, then raises the focus above the individual to the collective experience of the [...]

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  • Breu (2007) – Grupo Corpo

    Breu (2007) – Grupo Corpo

    Bold and strong, this segment of the dance piece called “Breu”, draws you in by the clever combination of movement, costume and strong rhythm. This is another piece danced by the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo, and choreographed by the director, Rodrigo Pederneiras. The music is composed by Lenine and the costumes are designed by Freusa Zechmeister. This piece premiered in 2007. It was a turning point in the company’s signature style as Pederneiras began to guide his company to more [...]

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  • Paul Taylor’s Esplanade – Part 5/5

    Paul Taylor’s Esplanade – Part 5/5

    Exhilarating and joyous! This video shows the last movement of Paul Taylors’ ballet, Esplanade. The music is J.S. Bach, and this section is the Concerto for 2 violins, strings and continuo in D minor, Allegro. It is danced by members of the Paul Taylor Dance Company. This piece is considered to be a classic of American dance. In this piece we see no “schooled” dance language. It was created in a time when artists like Jasper Johns were exploring “found [...]

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  • La Prima Vez – Pina

    La Prima Vez – Pina

    This video shows a deeply emotional and moving solo choreographed by Pina Bausch. The dancer is a member of the Wuppertal Tanztheatre that was directed by Pina Bausch and the music is a traditional Sephardic song performed by The New World Renaissance Band from the soundtrack of Pina Bausches’ work Der Fensterputzer” This Piece is titled, “La Prima Vez”. I think this dance is so hauntingly beautiful in a quiet and reflective way. And even borders on the edge of [...]

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  • Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker 2

    Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker 2

    The video is a powerful and gripping sequence that is filmed in a space that is bright, stark, and institutional, producing a sense of sterile alienation. It is the second video we are presenting from the dance film by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Rosas Danst Rosas. The dancers sit on chairs which are arranged facing the same direction, seated behind each other next to empty seats giving a sense of isolation. The dancing is powerful, sharp and compelling as they [...]

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