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  • CELLI CONTEMPORARY BALLET – Excerpt from “RES” – “MANILIBERE” by Enzo Celli

    CELLI CONTEMPORARY BALLET – Excerpt from “RES” – “MANILIBERE” by Enzo Celli

    Expressive and captivating is the movement in this video of excerpts from Enzo Celli’s ballet, “Res” – “ Manilibere”. It is danced by the Italian Celli Contemporary Ballet company. I don’t know the name of the composer or song. Celli is one of the breed of choreographers whose background is unconventional compared to those trained in formal theatrical dance forms. He was self taught in hip hop and later became interested in theatre and theatrical contemporary dance. He formed this [...]

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  • Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 2

    Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 2

    Here is the second part to Tamara Rojo’s solo, In the Manner of Isadora Duncan, choreographed by Fredrick Ashton to five Brahms Waltzes. This video shows the last two waltzes. The second one is my favorite where Rojo gathers up rose petals and dances with them. It is just beautiful. Isadora Duncan travelled and danced extensively throughout Europe where her unusual interpretative dance form was openly received She personified the time in which she lived, of great change and discovery [...]

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  • Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 1

    Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 1

    Spontaneous with delightful sensual abandon is this solo, called “In the Manner of Isadora Duncan” to Five Brahms waltzes. It is performed here by a principal of England’s Royal Ballet, Tamara Rojo for a special event as a tribute to Sir Fredrick Ashton one of the founding choreographers for the Royal Ballet. Today he is considered as being one the major pioneers of twentieth century dance. Ashton was inspired by Isadora Duncan, to create this solo for Canadian born ballerina [...]

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