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  • Arte-an – Dantzaz Konpainia

    Arte-an – Dantzaz Konpainia

    Variety and versatility are emphasized with the selections shown in this video featuring work from two contemporary choreographers in the international scene today, Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili and Slovakian choreographer Lukas Timulak. The company is a relatively new Spanish company called Dantzaz Kompainia. The video is divided into three sections. The first shows clips from Itzik Galili’s piece called “Earth Apples” to music sung by Argentinean singer Mercedes Sosa. The piece was based on the tribal and primitive feeling from [...]

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  • TAIKO – Celebration – Gauthier Dance

    TAIKO – Celebration – Gauthier Dance

    Dynamic and strong is this piece called, Taiko. The choreography and lighting design is by Eric Gauthier and the music is composed by Stephen M Boehme. The dancers are Anna Suheyla Harms, Florian Lochner and Rosario Guerira members of the Gautier Dance Company. This piece was performed at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany. This piece is based on Japanese Taiko drumming featuring three dancers each “playing” and dancing the part of a taiko drummer. The movement is derived from the actual [...]

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