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  • Animal Park by Tim Rushton and the Danish Dance Theatre

    Animal Park by Tim Rushton and the Danish Dance Theatre

    Mysterious and haunting is this ballet called, Animal Park. It is choreographed by Tim Rushton and danced by the Danish Contemporary Dance Company. The music is by Biosphere and Craig Amstrong. Tim Rushton is a British born Choreographer who was a graduate from the Royal Ballet School in London. He started his dance career with the Deutsche Oper am Rheim in Düsseldorf then continued for a few years with The Royal Danish Ballet, Denmark. It was there he found his [...]

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  • SOLARA short dance film

    SOLARA short dance film

    Warm and breezy sweeps the mood of this short dance film called, SOLARA. The choreography is by Shauna Walker and the film is directed and edited by Barry Walker. The dancers are Shauna Walker, Denesa Chan, Jeroen de Wit, Joshua McBride and Lisa Moore. This short dance film was shot on site in the Mojave Desert which is located in southeast California, US. The piece shows a group of people from different walks of life coming together by a shared [...]

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