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  • Cloud Gate – Portrait of the Families

    Cloud Gate – Portrait of the Families

    Intensely powerful and fierce is this iconic work called, “Portrait of the Families” choreographed by the founder and artist director of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Lin Hwai-min. Lin Hwai-min’s inspiration for this work came from his memory when as a boy he discovered a hidden family photo album. Looking at one of the photos, he discovered to his surprise as Taiwanese, his ancestors in the portrait were wearing Japanese Kimonos. He asked questions only to be admonished [...]

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  • NTFI 2012 – Null

    NTFI 2012 – Null

    Captivating movement and elegant imagery stands out in this work called Null, choreographed by Noa Wertheim who is the co-founder and director of the Vertigo Dance Company, Isreal. It is performed in this video by the company. The music is composed by Ran Bagno, Audio Collage and Stefan Ferry and the striking set and costumes are designed by Rakefet Levi. Vertigo Dance Company was founded by two Israeli dancers, Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al. Wertheim is a graduate from the [...]

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  • Carolyn Carlson : Les couleurs de Maduraï

    Carolyn Carlson : Les couleurs de Maduraï

    A visual feast of color, beautiful images and dancing combine to make a stunning ballet shown in this segment called, Les Coleurs de Madarai. It is choreographed by Carolyn Carlson and performed by the Paris Opera Ballet. The solo parts are danced by the principals, Marie Agnes-Gillot and Kader Belarbi. The stunning sets and costumes are designed by the artist, Olivier Debre and the music is composed by Rene Aubry. Carolyn Carlson is an American born choreographer who initially trained [...]

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  • Grief Point. (A Dance Work by Sidra Bell)

    Grief Point. (A Dance Work by Sidra Bell)

    A solo experience that is both haunting and mesmerizing! This piece is called, Grief Point, choreographed by Sidra Bell and performed by Moo Kim. This music is by Loscil called “The Making of Grief Point”. Grief Point was premiered at the International Solo Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, Germany in 2011 where Sidra Bell won first place for choreography and Moo Kim first place for performance. Sidra Bell has become a national and internationally sought after choreographer. She was born and [...]

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