Amelia La La La Human Steps

Here is the amazing dance film “Amelia” by Canadian Choreographer Edouard Lock and members from his awesome company, La La La Human Steps. The music is composed by David Lang and lyrics by Lou Reed.

The dancers are incredible and to me the choreographed movement pushes the envelope on the contemporary elements of speed, risk, precision and raw energy. And for that it works! The piece is full of dynamic interplay between speed and stillness; the soft muted background against the stark and striking sculpture of the dancers bodies; and the muted light puncuated with pools of light. I love the dancers shadows on the walls and the long held poses, which burst into explosive passion. I especially love the opening pose against the gentle muted curve of the back ground. It is such a strong beginning.

The editing is really well done and underscores the power and force of the whole piece. This film is well worth a look! Check it out!

I hope you enjoy this piece and would love to hear your comments!


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