Ballets Jazz de Montréal à Montmagny le 19 janvier 2013

This video shows an extraordinarily beautiful ballet created by Mauro Bigonzetti danced by Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal of Canada. The music is composed by Gioacchino Rossini.

This ballet is an abstract piece that has no story line or plot but is an exploration of parallel lives, images, cards, dramatic icons and comic situations in which people live their lives. This video shows three selections from the ballet.

In the fist scene, dancers wearing suites take their place across the front of the stage, stare towards the audience as they appear to wait. This is a strong moment made poignant by the contrast of the stark still simplicity of the dancers along side the beautfiul musical accompaniment. Both seem to accentuate the other. This scene ends with a humorous twist!

Next is the table scene which is wonderful!

I love the way Bigonzetti sets up the conversation between the dancers seated at the table. We see a banquet set in approximately the 16th centaury, suggested by the combination of setting, music and style of movement. In stark contrast to the social moiré and setting, the dancers wear only undergarments creating a humorous and ”absurd” event reminiscent of a Moliere play. The music has a powerful driving rhythm with a geometric precision which accentuates the comical scene.

Following the table scene is a gorgeous pas de deux. It has a humorous beginning which alludes to a secret and passionate liaison. The choreography is passionate and sensual as the dancers enfold and mold their bodies together.

Bigonzetti’s choreography is gorgeous, it is very expressive, sensual and moving. As the critic of the “Broad Street Review from Philadelphia wrote, “At the end of this remarkable movement, mere applause seemed inadequate. A respectful silence seemed more appropriate……….I felt an immense debt to Bigonzetti for showing me something so beautiful”

And from what I have seen so far, I concur.

I hope you enjoy it to! Please pass it on and Share with friends!


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