Butoh (Buto) – Sankai Juku

Here we present another strong and beautiful segment danced by the famous Butoh company, Sankai Juku. I don’t know which work this is from, but the choreographer and designer is Ushio Amagatsu who is also the director of the company.

I have seen this company live and remember how riveting and powerful they were. The performance seemed so short! The dancers are incredible and the images are literally out of this world!

This segment is no exception. The dancing and images are powerful and the dancers appear as moving sculptures accentuated by the nondescript monotone costume and set design against the black background.

What I find particularly fascinating is the counterpoint between the two groups of dancers. One group dances at a high level appearing more powerful and dominant using slow moving gestures and body language while the second group dances low to the ground waving their arms and hands quickly appearing to be weaker and appeasing. The groups seem to be in an attack/retreat dialogue. The music is a driving repetitive rhythm which adds to the intensity in the movement.

Although this segment is short, the dancing is wonderful and speaks volumes!

I hope you enjoy it too!


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