Chroma – Wayne McGregor

This video shows excerpts from the ballet, Chroma, choreographed by Wayne McGregor, resident choreographer of The Royal Ballet in England. McGregor is considered to be one of the leading cutting edge choreographers in the ballet world today.

The dancing is hypnotic in it’s erratic and diverse movement vocabulary. McGregor has pushed his dancers to thier limits by making their bodies move far beyond the “norm” in classical dance. They dance with drive and attack punctuated with moments of beautiful lyricism accentuated by body rolls and the organic flow of quirky movements through out their bodies. The randomness of the odd movement juxtapositions are also founded on beautiful lines and shapes from classical form.

McGregors’ choreography is growing on me and I especially enjoy the women’s solos and individual pas de deux. The more I watch the more I like them.

This is a half hour piece in it’s entirety, so for those who would like to see more please click on the Link below.

Watch the full piece on Youtube Chroma 25 Minutes In Length.


I hope you enjoy this piece and please feel free to write your response! would love to hear from you!!!


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