Compagnie Kafig is a French/Algerian dance company led by atistic director and choreographer of international acclaim, Mourad Merzouki. And the dancers are hip hop dancers from Brazil. This is a hip hop dance company which has some amazing work which blends contemporary dance with hip hop.

What is shown in this video is an excerpt from a work of which I don’t know the choreographer or dancers names. However, it is identified as being from a performance by the kafig Dance Company so I presume the choreographer is Mourad Merzouki.

I am at the same time fascinated and mesmerized by the wonderful whimzical and quirky choreography. The atmosphere is dark and surreal, showing two odd characters traversing across the space to what sounds like air raid sirons in the background, giving a sinister edge to the duet. That’s just my take on it!

The piece is beautifully danced and the quirky motif of the first two dancers is their repeatedly pulling out measuring tapes to measure things in peculiar ways, has a fascinating charm. They seem mysterious almost suspicious dressed in black as they move along and interact in an annimated way.

Following the duet a solo dancer appears dreseed in white with long floppy sleeves, hands and hat, who is extrodinary. He is another strange and fantastical character whose particular movement is fluid like water as if he were an octapus! He is fascinating to watch.

I think this is a great piece with fascinating characters and wonderful dancing. I would certainly be interested to see the narrative and what other characters are in the whole piece.

It’s worth a look!

Check it out and pass it on!


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