Duo de “Lecuona”, espetáculo do Grupo Corpo

This duet is a whirlwind of hot and intense passion from a work called “Lecuona”, choreographed by Rodrigo Pedereiras, founder and choreographer of the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo. The dancers are artists from the company and the music that is used for the entire ballet are love songs created by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. Lecuona is considered to be the Western equivalent to Gershwin.

The whole ballet is a reconstruction of a Latin Ballroom competition, that is based from Baz Lahrman’s film, “Strictly Dancing”. For the work, Pedereiras has used twelve couples who dance one by one in the “competition” to a different love song. And through each one, he presents a variety of Latin ballroom dance styles and has infused them with various aspects of the “romantic” relationship, as they battle it out for gold. One couple shows rough housing, another a quarrel and another are erotic with every other experience in between!. This duet is one of the twelve pieces

I picked this duet because it flows and moves, is exciting and so romantic!. I just love it! The dancing is wonderful and shows so well the passionate intensity of the Latin Ballroom style made contemporary for this versatile company.

Just to note, these are the same two dancers featured in one of our previous videos of Grupo Corpo dancing in a ballet called Sem Mim (Click Here To Watch), check it out and see how versatile they are!

To me this duet is fun and pure delight, sit back and enjoy! And SHARE!


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