George Oliveira: In The Upper Room

Hi energy, speed and drive…. Is this second video of Twyla Tharp’s, In the Upper Room. Music is by Philip Glass. This video features dancers from Les Ballet De Monte Carlo.

This section gives a good overview of the intricate movement and spatial patterns in the choreography. Dancers seem to slide in and out through the haze of the periphery to cut in and out of razor sharp movement patterns. I have never noticed before how much of a “causal lilt” and “ease’ there is in the execution of the movement, creating an interesting dynamic against the speed of the movement sequences. We see an interesting mix of movements from tap, jazz and modern as well as ballet and they all flow so naturally well together.

This video was posted by the dancer, George Oliveira, who is dancing in this performance. He is a Brazilian trained dancer with and extensive career dancing in classical ballets with the National Ballet in England, with the Aterballetto companpy in Italy dancing in works by Maruo Bigonzetti, and as a first soloist with Les Ballet de Monte Carlo. He has worked with leading choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Alonzo King and many others including Twyla Tharp in this performance.

I believe he is the center man of the three who dance together who are bare chested. I have watched this video several times and it is this middle dancer who always catches my eye. Watch how he throws himself into the movement and gives it a natural lilt, that extra reach and casual drive with a feeling of abandonment. You would think the pace is too fast to do this, but he does it. I believe this is how Tharp’s movement should be performed.

I thank Mr. Oliveira for his generosity in posting this video of himself and his company performing this terrific ballet. It is exciting and a pleasure to watch!

In the Upper Room

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