Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011

Enjoy some more great dancing by the Brazilian contemporary dance company, Corpo Grupo, dancing a selection from the work Sem Mim, choreographed by Rodrigo Pedemeiras.

It is great to see men dancing light on their feet and covering ground! This piece has the sound of an Irish Jig with the flute in the music which is light and dancy. Pedemeiras has employed this sound by having dancers propel themselves through space with the quick foot work similar to that of the famed Irish dance but grounding them with dynamic leg and body work of contemporary movement. This is a unique blend of styles which I find fascinating to watch with these men, especially the big guys! I just love watching them… It seems incongruent somehow which makes it that more fun for me!

The piece is beautifully danced, the dancers are really strong, versatile and with great technique so they can make the movement appear simple, clean and seamless. It is interesting how Pedemeiras has paired the different solos together to accentuate movement dynamics and conversations between the dancers.

In all, this piece is just an upbeat, enjoyable flow of movement which is pleasing to watch.



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