IN-I with Juliette Binoche at the Sydney Opera House Khan

Electric and visceral are these clips from a theatrical dance work called, ‘ in-i’, that was co-directed and performed by the French actress, Juiliette Binoche and British-Bangladeshi contemporary-dancer and choreographer, Akram Khan. The music was composed by award wining composer Philip Sheppard and the set is designed by British Indian artist, Anish Kapoor.

These two amazing performers from two completely different art forms collaborated together to create a new groundbreaking theatrical dance piece in which they were both stretched beyond their limits to “dare the new”. Juliette Binoche an Oscar award winning actress, who stared in the English Patient and Choclat, stepped out from her acting role and for the first time stepped into a dance role along side internationally renowned contemporary dancer and choreographer, Akram Khan. Mr. Khan on the other hand, stepped out of a dance role into an acting role where he was challenged to dig deep within himself to bring out and express raw emotions while speaking and moving in ways that differ from dance.

They wrote the script based on their personal experiences and co-directed the presentation together, Khan choreographed the movement. The piece is a meditation about a love affair in which they enact the various stages through which “love” evolves in a relationship. They show the initial attraction, seduction, passion, disappointment and tedium to the final acceptance and commitment. In an interview Ms Binoche explained that “ ’in-i’ refers to the point where a person stops trying to change the other and realizes that the real barriers to deeply connecting and sharing in a relationship lie within or. ’in-i’”.

Both performers are charisatic and together are very strong and work so well together as a duo. Even though the movement is “simple” in terms of choreographic complexity, it is still effective, dynamic and powerful and the energy between then is electric.

I really love the raw energy and passionate dynamic between them, I think they would have been exciting to see live. I would certainly go to see their show if I had the opportunity.

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