Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

This pas de deux is called “Maria” choreographed by Marcelo Cavalcanti and danced by Marcelo Cavalcanti and Patrícia Fabrin from the Khala Grupo de Danca in Brazil.

The duet begins and ends in a pose just like the Michael Angelo Sculpture of Christ held in his Mother’s arms. The music sounds like Stabat Mater but I don’t know which one.

The sculptural elements in the choreography are gorgeous made all the more so by the lighting which is simple creating dynamic shadows from the movement on the beautiful dancers.

The music and dancing are full of pathos and anguish, and the nakedness of the dancers gives the piece a profound sense of intimacy, love and tenderness.

A rare gem of a piece, simple, uncomplicated and clean and wonderfully danced making this piece strong, moving and just gorgeous. An exquisite piece of Art.

I hope you enjoy it as well, and pass it on to your friends!


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