Lost Cause 2012 by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

Hypnotic and futuristic is the dance in this video created by the renowned Israeli choreographer, Sharon Eyal and designer, Gai Behar. The work is called, “Lost Cause” choreographed for the Betsheva Dance Ensemble  in 2012.

Sharon Eyal was a dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company for over ten years, and then became an associate director and resident choreographer till 2012. In 2013 Eyal left Betsheva and together with her long term collaborator, Gai Behar, formed their own company called L.E.V.

Gai Behar has an extensive background producing live music and producing underground arts events and techno raves. He has collaborated with Eyal since 2005, and in “Lost Cause” was responsible for the lighting design.

Sharon Eyal has a very distinct movement language and presentational style. She has not been afraid to discard conventions and look to her own movement source to create her unique choreographic style.

Her choreographpy is abstract with robotic precise movements and gestures that give a “techno” animated look. She brings a high level of dramatic and dynamic interplay in the movement which is accentuated with the tensions she creates between the lone/ individual and group/mass.

This work, “Lost Cause” is a humorous satire of classical modern dance. The dancers are dressed all in white emphasizing their quirky animated movement that gives to me, a futuristic Sci-Fi effect or rather like peculiar dancing mannequins. The movement is captivating with strong visual images and forms. It is interesting to see Eyal’s take on the modern dance forms, particularly Graham!

The dancing is powerful and quite humorous. This is certainly a unique dance experience which holds an avid fascination and feast for the eyes… like “eye candy”!

Have fun and enjoy the “show”! and pass it on!


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