SYTYCD Season 9 Opening Number – Christopher Scott Routine

Here is the opening group routine for SYTYCD season 9, top 20. It is choreographed by Christopher Scott.

This is actually one of my favorite ensemble pieces from the entire series. To me it ranks with much outstanding choreography on the contemporary stage at large

I like the choice of music which underpins the piece with a constant jarring drive. It seems to push the workers to madly do more fueling the tension between them as they seem trapped in this blinding force accentuated by those that break out only to return.

Words that come to mind watching this piece are urgent, compelling and captivating. It leaves me wanting to see more.

I think the movement vocabulary, music and theme lend to the creation of a longer work that could speak volumes of global experience of the tense, impersonal, competitive and mechanized corporate world and it’s psychological impact. Of which it gives a glimpse.

I love the raw energy and intensity from the dancers. The movement language is sharp and forceful with clever use of props. The dancing is excellent, and is powerful as an ensemble.

Take a look and enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts!


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