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  • Philadanco-Cottonwool


    Bold strong dance is performed in this video by artists from the Philodanco Dance Company in Philadelphia. The piece is called, Cottonwool and was choreographed by Christopher L. Huggins. The music is by Lamb and original score composed by Jeff Storey. The philodanco Dance Company has an interesting history that has been very important to the development of dance for the Black community in Philadelphia and for dance in the United States. The company was founded in 1970 by Joan [...]

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  • Sarah Lamb & Federico Bonelli

    Sarah Lamb & Federico Bonelli

    Sublime! This beautiful duet is danced by two principals of the Royal Ballet, Sarah Lamb and Frederico Bondelli. The piece is one of several duets from a ballet called Chroma choreographed by British choreographer, Wayne McGregor. The music score is a combination of original works by Joby Talbot and musical arrangements by Jack White of the White Stripes. I have become fascinated by Wayne McGregor’s work. The more I observe it the more I like it. He is a fascinating [...]

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  • Shantala Shivalingappa – SOLO

    Shantala Shivalingappa – SOLO

    Sensual elegance describes this solo performance by Shantala Shivalingappa. The piece is called Solo and was choreographed in collaboration between Pina Bausch and Shantala Shivalingappa. The music is by Ferran Savall, titled “Paris”. Shivalingappa is a dancer from dual cultures. She was born in Madras (Chernai), India and grew up in Paris. She studied East Indian dance with her mother and later was mentored by Vempati Chinna Satyam in the Kuchipudi Indian Classical style. She is now an internationally acclaimed [...]

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  • Mats Ek – Apartement – March of the vacuum cleaners

    Mats Ek – Apartement – March of the vacuum cleaners

    Get ready with your vacuum cleaners! A comic river dance spoof of women on the vacuum march! This humorous section is from a larger work called “Apartment”, choreographed by the famous Swedish choreographer, Mats Ek, and is danced by soloists from the Paris Opera Ballet. The music is performed live on stage with the dancers by a Swedish band called, Fleshquartet. Apartment is made up of eleven different scenes in different rooms of human realities. The scenes are set in [...]

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  • FANFARE LX – Evan McKie & Anna Osadcenko STUTTGART BALLET

    FANFARE LX – Evan McKie & Anna Osadcenko STUTTGART BALLET

    FANFARE LX – A pas de deux that is powerful with commanding drive and elegance! It is danced in this video by two principal dancers from the Stuttgart ballet in Berlin, Evan McKie and Anna Osadcenko. The piece was choreographed by the resident choreographer of the Stuttgart ballet, Douglas Lee and the music is by Michael Nyman. Douglas Lee was a dancer and resident choreographer with the Stuttgart ballet in Berlin from 1996 to 2011 when he left to further [...]

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  • Speak for Yourself | Nederlands Dans Theater I

    Speak for Yourself | Nederlands Dans Theater I

    Stunning describes the excerpts of this ballet called, Speak for Yourself, danced by members of Nederlands Dans Theatre I. It is choreographed by the joint husband and wife team, Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot in 1999. The music is layered with sound track of Steve Reich and J. S. Back. Sol Leon is a Spanish trained dancer and Paul Lightfoot is and English one. They met while they were both dancing with the Nederlands Dans Theatre working under Jiri Kylian [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Missa do Orfanato | 1989

    Grupo Corpo – Missa do Orfanato | 1989

    Glorious music and powerful dancing are seen in this excerpt from Rodrigo Pederneiras’s ballet called, Missa do Orfanato. This was danced by the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo in 1989. The music is the K. 139 by Amadeus Mozart, 1768. It is really interesting to see where choreographically this company has evolved from. Sadly this piece is no longer performed, but was considered one of the masterpieces that remained in the company repertoire until 1997. At that point the choreographic style [...]

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  • Petite Cérémonie

    Petite Cérémonie

    Lively and playful is the dancing in these excerpts of this world premiere production of Mehi Walerski’s piece, Petite Ceremonies. The dancers are members of a Canadian contemporary ballet company called Ballet BC. The music is selections from Mozart, Puccini, Rogers & Hart and Vivaldi, compiled by Medhi Walerski. Ballet BC is an internationally acclaimed collaborative and interactive contemporary ballet company whose focus is the promotion and education of contemporary ballet in Canada. Petite Ceremonies is a piece that was [...]

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  • Chinese Dance – Nirvana HKAPA

    Chinese Dance – Nirvana HKAPA

    Expressive and meditative is this excerpt from a dance called, Nirvana, which was choreographed by Wu Kam-Ming. It is danced by male dancers from the dance department from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Wu Kam-Ming is an alumni graduate of the program who choreographed this all male piece for a joint program called, “Of Night And Other Things” which aimed at bringing together a balance between opposites such as yin/yang, contemporary and traditional, East and West and past [...]

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  • Aterballetto in H+ – coreog. Mauro Bigonzetti, musiche live di Jazzy Dogs

    Aterballetto in H+ – coreog. Mauro Bigonzetti, musiche live di Jazzy Dogs

    Energetic jazz and contemporary fusion is featured in this video montage of Mauro Bigonzetti’s recent work called H+. The music and lyrics are written and performed by Jazzy Dogs, Frederico Bigonzetti and Mark Borgazzi. The piece is danced by the Aterballetto Dance Company in Italy, of which Mauro Bigonzetti has been resident choreographer for a number of years. Through this program, Bigonzetti speaks of the special importance that water has in our lives. He encourages us to increase our responsibility [...]

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