PARABELO Grupo Corpo (2011-12)

Watch this upbeat, fun and explosive segment of a piece performed by the Brazilian contemporary company Gupo Corpo. The piece is choreographed by Rodrigo Pedemeiras and the music is composed by Tom Ze and Ze Miguel Wisnek.

The choreography is a blend of classical, contemporary, ethnic and popular dance techniques fused with a distinct Latin American flavor! These dancers can move and they cover ground with a joyful nonchalant ease without ever stopping!

The movement is fun and light, with quirky transitions, shifts of weight and directions. The music is rhythmic with a distinct hip hop sound that adds character to the mesmerizing repetitive patterns in both the dancing and music. I am reminded of tap dancers when I watch the dancers’ quick foot work with their upper body ease.

Over all a fun piece to bring some joy to your day!

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