Here are clips from the ballet “RAVE.VOB” danced by Ballet de Lorraine, choreographed by the famous American choreographer, Karole Armitage.

This ballet is a blast! It is full of color, humour and attitude with expressive connections and moves! The choreography is ballet based that is fused with martial arts, pop, and Vogue movements!

Karole Armitage created RAVE.VOB in response to the attack of 9/11 in New York City September 2001. Instead of focusing on the losses, she chose to express a lively spirit of survival and creation. What better symbol of New York City than a fashion cat walk.

I love the different characters and the wonderful variety of costumes they wear. The ballet seems to be such zany fun and is an outrageous statement of pop culture and ballet. This is not Karole Armitage’s only foray into the subject of the fashion world; you may remember her choreography in Madonna’s musical hit “Vogue” in 1990.

Great fun! … would love to see it live!

Hope you enjoy it too and share it with your friends!


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