Reflections. Cinque. Rehearsal

Bold and compelling is the dancing from these clips of a one act ballet called, Cinque, choreographed by Mauro Bigonzetti. The dancers are; Maria Kochetkova, Natalia Ospiova, Yekaterina Krysanova, Polina Semionova and Yekaterina Shipulina. The music is Antonio Vivaldi.

This piece was performed in a program called “Reflections” that was co-produced by the Bolshoi theatre and the Segersfrom Center of the Arts in LA. It was created to bring together the “old with the new”, by showcasing seven Russian dancers, trained in the traditional Russian school, to dance works by renowned contemporary choreographers from the West. The dancers are graduates from the famous Bolshoi academy, and are now principal dancers in their respective companies around the world.

This piece certainly shows cases the powerful technique of the dancers. But I think it is interesting to observe how these classically trained dancers perform this kind of movement. They group ranges in experience, from none to a lot, dancing contemporary work,

The piece is made up of vignettes which integrates chairs, wigs, and hanging leather tutus, in ensemble and overlapping solo sections. The piece is strong, energetic and quite capricious. There is an element of fun from the playful choreography that plays boldly back and forth from classical to disjointed, quirky form and movement. Throughout, the piece retains a sense of spontaneity which adds a lovely sprinkle of charm!

A beautifully dance piece!

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