Spellbound Contemporary Ballet ” How to Pray”

Passionately expressive is this pas de deux called, How to Pray, danced by two principal dancers, Maria Cossy and Marioenrico D’Angelo of the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet Company, Italy. The piece was created by founder, artistic director and choreographer of the company, Maruo Astolfi. The music is by J.S Bach and Lars Danielson.

Today’s video is a short montage of a nine minute duet. It shows the wonderfully sensuous and flowing movement language that Astolfi has created which utilizes the entire body through a unique and unpredictable manner. The movement has interesting dynamics between articulated and precision with the melting and fluid gestures of moving forms. The effect creates an intimate passionate expressivity that we witness between the two dancers. The moving sculptural images they create are stunningly beautiful. I am again reminded of the beauty of the human form reminisint of the beauty in Michelangelo’s sculptures.

This is just one more dance experience I would like to add to my ever growing list! Astolfi has quickly made a place in my “favorite choreographer’s notes”

Stunning images and sublime dancers! Enjoy and SHARE them on!


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