Spellbound Dance Company – downshifting

Mysterious and stunning are these segments from a work called “Downshifting” danced by the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet Company from Rome, Italy. The choreographer is Mauro Astofi and the music is for this section is Pust (“innocent”).

.Astofi’s work, Downshifting, is a piece that is a commentary on personal choice and will. “Downshifters” refer to people who choose uncommon options to gain a more fulfilling and complete life experience.

Astofi’s choreographic language is a wonderful blend of classical and contemporary technique. The dancers move together and apart through space in a continuous flow of shifting sculptural shapes that are particularly stunning. There is a restless undercurrent that drives the dancers from each other creating a lonely atmosphere as the dancers confront one another in aggressive almost erratic body – twisting and mind – bending physicality.

The abstract nature of the piece gives it a mysterious ambiguity which is emphasized in some parts by the almost blinding white light and stark shadows against the black background. Over all the light is cleverly designed in a Chiaroscuro style in which the dancers move in and out of shadows, and when coupled with the melancholic music, creates a mysterious and haunting atmosphere.

The dancing is beautifully precise, poetic, with physical prowess and elegance. I especially enjoy the wonderful fascinating movement that keeps me captivated throughout.

Enjoy with friends!


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