Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 2

Here is the second part to Tamara Rojo’s solo, In the Manner of Isadora Duncan, choreographed by Fredrick Ashton to five Brahms Waltzes.

This video shows the last two waltzes. The second one is my favorite where Rojo gathers up rose petals and dances with them. It is just beautiful.

Isadora Duncan travelled and danced extensively throughout Europe where her unusual interpretative dance form was openly received She personified the time in which she lived, of great change and discovery that effected every aspect of society, including the arts and dance no less.

For me her lasting impression was that she was a dancer/woman who cast aside the social conventions that described the lives of women at the time and courageously lived as a free spirit creating her own destiny with her unconventional ( and scandalous) expressive dance form and life style . She certainly exemplified her message to women: “You were wild once, don’t let them tame you”, and she didn’t let “them” tame her!

The final waltz in this piece personifies this spirit. It has a touching delectable charm and a delightful playfulness made all the more so by the fluttering petals that dance around Tamara, a wonderful moment, into the final repose of Isadora making her eternal declaration: “Sans Limites”!

Without further adieu, please enjoy and SHARE with friends!


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