the Cold Song

This video shows a beautiful duet performed by two artists from the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, New York. The choreographer is Benoit-Swan Pouffer and the music is Cold Song by Klaus Nomi. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate the names of these two wonderful dancers but I should like to honor them with full praise for a beautiful performance.

This duet to me is so haunting not with just the music but with the stark presentation. The space is a rectangular plain lit with blue lighting within a black void giving it an eerie cold feeling. And the dancer’s costumes are reminiscent of another time. Together these elements suggest a memory or dream state revealing a haunting and tragic love. Sad but beautiful!

The choreography is well done, with good use of space, levels and interesting movement combinations that are dramatic with beautiful sculptural moments.

I didn’t notice the first few times I watched but to me it looks as thogh the man strangles the woman at the end? Does anyone else see this? I thought wow, that’s a shock, nicely done though!

It is beautifully danced; the dancers are so strong rendering the piece with a sensual longing and elegance.

I hope you enjoy it to! be sure to Share it with your friends! And what do you think, does he strangle the woman at the end?


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