The You Show – Kidd Pivot | Crystal Pite

Riveting and intense, these performers dance with their whole bodies and show excellent use of Release, Contact and other contemporary dance techniques.

This video shows clips from “The You Show” by Canadian choreographer, Crystal Pite. The music is composed by Owen Belton and performed by members of Pites’ company, Kidd Pivot.

This work has me captivated with sheer fascination and amazement by the unique and fearless invention of the choreography. Crystal is such a creative talent with a powerful sense of observation that can be painfully revealing at times.

Impulse driven, the dancers move in an unique mixture of seamless fluidity mixed with split second timing and raw physicality that creates very powerful and expressive use of the body.

Crystal Pite is definitely a choreographer worth seeing.

I hope you enjoy this to and PASS it on!


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