This video shows excerpts from a video production of “Moon Water” choreographed by Lin-Hwai-Min, danced by the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. The music for this piece are selections from six suites for cello by J.S. Bach accompanied by the sounds of splashing water made by the dancers.

I regret not seeing this dance company perform this piece live when they were in the area I live, but since then have become acquainted with this piece through the video. Both from what I heard from people who saw this live and my own response from seeing the video, I am in awe of the sheer elegance, beauty and serenity this “ballet” exudes.

I chose to up load this version because the visuals of the dancers reflections in the water against the black floor are absolutely stunning. They are heightened by the sound of water the dancers make with their movements. The water is an intregal part of the piece in terms of the sounds and visual effects the dancers make with it.

The choreography is is based on the Chinese martial art of Tia Chi, and it works so beautifully, just gorgeous to watch. To me this piece is a meditation and a time not to be titillated or wowed by dance, but to participate in the sheer beauty and calm serenity of the moment through the stunning and delicious visuals.

In a documentary I watched about this company and how this piece was conceived and put together, I was amazed that on the companies’ premises there was a mediation room and all the dancers meditated together everyday and any time of the day they needed so that they could gain the necessary reflective and serene state to dance this piece. What an experience this would have been for dancers in a company, wow, especially in today’s world. This really impressed me.

I hope you enjoy the beauty in this piece to and be sure to share it with your friends!


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