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  • Spellbound Dance Company – downshifting

    Spellbound Dance Company – downshifting

    Mysterious and stunning are these segments from a work called “Downshifting” danced by the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet Company from Rome, Italy. The choreographer is Mauro Astofi and the music is for this section is Pust (“innocent”). .Astofi’s work, Downshifting, is a piece that is a commentary on personal choice and will. “Downshifters” refer to people who choose uncommon options to gain a more fulfilling and complete life experience. Astofi’s choreographic language is a wonderful blend of classical and contemporary technique. [...]

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  • IN-I with Juliette Binoche at the Sydney Opera House Khan

    IN-I with Juliette Binoche at the Sydney Opera House Khan

    Electric and visceral are these clips from a theatrical dance work called, ‘ in-i’, that was co-directed and performed by the French actress, Juiliette Binoche and British-Bangladeshi contemporary-dancer and choreographer, Akram Khan. The music was composed by award wining composer Philip Sheppard and the set is designed by British Indian artist, Anish Kapoor. These two amazing performers from two completely different art forms collaborated together to create a new groundbreaking theatrical dance piece in which they were both stretched beyond [...]

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  • Ask Me In The Morning Light (2009) – Valentín Projects: By Joel Valentin-Martinez

    Ask Me In The Morning Light (2009) – Valentín Projects: By Joel Valentin-Martinez

    Captivating and heartfelt is this segment from a work called “Ask Me in the Morning Light” choreographed by Joel Valentin – Martinez. This was performed by dancers from the dance/theatre program at Northwestern University. The music is by Samite Mulon, Samite of Uganda: ‘Abaana Bakesa’ – Album: Dance My Children. Martinez is a Chicago based choreographer and senior lecturer at Northwestern University Theatre Program. He is originally from Mexico where he lived his first seven years in a small town [...]

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  • A Choreographic Offering

    A Choreographic Offering

    Energetic with great feeling abound through time in these clips from Jose Limon’s ballet, A Choreographic Offering, created in 1964. The music is Johann Sebastion Bach. The ballet was created as a tribute to his mentor, Doris Humphry. The piece is based on his adaptation of movement’s, variations, paraphrases and motifs from Humphry’s own dances. Jose Limon was one of the great pioneers of Modern Dance. He was born in Mexico and moved with his family to the United States/California [...]

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  • Da “In Memoriam” – coreografia di Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

    Da “In Memoriam” – coreografia di Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

    Moving and mysterious is this pas de deux from Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s ballet, In Memorium. It is danced by Marion Rastouil and Paul Soriot, dancers from the Ballet de Monte Carlo. The music is a collaboration with the Corsican polyphonic ensemble, A Filetta, directed by Jean-Claude Aquarian. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is a Belgian dancer, choreographer and director. He grew up in Antwerp to parents of mixed heritage, a Belgian mother and Moroccan Father. It is his background of cultural duality [...]

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  • William Forsythe – One Flat Thing Reproduced 02/03

    William Forsythe – One Flat Thing Reproduced 02/03

    Exciting and mesmerizing, this video shows the second part of William Forsythe’s ground breaking work, One Flat Thing Reproduced. As I watch this I am reminded once again of the William Forsythe’s incredible mind. He pushes the boundaries on what we call dance. With this work as he has broken all conventions and yet has created a symphonic piece that is brilliantly constructed and orchestrated. I am struck with the apparent randomness and chaos of the dancer’s movements that are [...]

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  • Lost Cause 2012 by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

    Lost Cause 2012 by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

    Hypnotic and futuristic is the dance in this video created by the renowned Israeli choreographer, Sharon Eyal and designer, Gai Behar. The work is called, “Lost Cause” choreographed for the Betsheva Dance Ensemble  in 2012. Sharon Eyal was a dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company for over ten years, and then became an associate director and resident choreographer till 2012. In 2013 Eyal left Betsheva and together with her long term collaborator, Gai Behar, formed their own company called L.E.V. Gai Behar [...]

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  • CELLI CONTEMPORARY BALLET – Excerpt from “RES” – “MANILIBERE” by Enzo Celli

    CELLI CONTEMPORARY BALLET – Excerpt from “RES” – “MANILIBERE” by Enzo Celli

    Expressive and captivating is the movement in this video of excerpts from Enzo Celli’s ballet, “Res” – “ Manilibere”. It is danced by the Italian Celli Contemporary Ballet company. I don’t know the name of the composer or song. Celli is one of the breed of choreographers whose background is unconventional compared to those trained in formal theatrical dance forms. He was self taught in hip hop and later became interested in theatre and theatrical contemporary dance. He formed this [...]

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  • Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 2

    Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 2

    Here is the second part to Tamara Rojo’s solo, In the Manner of Isadora Duncan, choreographed by Fredrick Ashton to five Brahms Waltzes. This video shows the last two waltzes. The second one is my favorite where Rojo gathers up rose petals and dances with them. It is just beautiful. Isadora Duncan travelled and danced extensively throughout Europe where her unusual interpretative dance form was openly received She personified the time in which she lived, of great change and discovery [...]

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  • Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 1

    Tamara Rojo – Isadora – part 1

    Spontaneous with delightful sensual abandon is this solo, called “In the Manner of Isadora Duncan” to Five Brahms waltzes. It is performed here by a principal of England’s Royal Ballet, Tamara Rojo for a special event as a tribute to Sir Fredrick Ashton one of the founding choreographers for the Royal Ballet. Today he is considered as being one the major pioneers of twentieth century dance. Ashton was inspired by Isadora Duncan, to create this solo for Canadian born ballerina [...]

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