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  • In the mood of ‘Mohini’, Samadhi Dance Company 2012

    In the mood of ‘Mohini’, Samadhi Dance Company 2012

    (Originally Posted: March 6, 2013) Beautiful grace and elegance weaves through the dancing in this video that is performed by the, Samadhi Dance Company, based in Amsterdam, Holland. The piece is called “In the Mood of “Mohini” and the music is called “Silent Movie’, which describes succinctly how, this video comes across. Ths music in the video are tracks from Cirque du Soleil, Bonobo: Little Dragon and Yarn Tiersen. The choreographer is Vraja Sundari Keilman. Just to note Samadhi means [...]

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  • Kyiv Modern-Balet – Ballet Fragment, “Rain”

    Kyiv Modern-Balet – Ballet Fragment, “Rain”

    (Originally Posted: February 13, 2013) Humorous and fun this duet is a segment from a contemporary ballet called “Rain” choreographed by Radu Poklitaru. Radu Poklitaru is a prominent Russian contemporary choreographer who is both artistic director and choreographer of the Russian contemporary dance company, Kyviv Modern Ballet Theatre. This segment is danced by two members of this company. The music for this section are two Romanian folk songs. What I really enjoy about this duet is the humor and lighthearted [...]

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