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  • Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker 3

    Rosas Danst Rosas Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker 3

    This video is a 10:00 minute extract of a dance film made by Thierry De Mey based on the choreography of Anna Theresa De Keersmaeker. The whole film is about a half hour in length, and is filmed on site in an empty warehouse. The dancers are dressed all the same in grey skirt, top, shoes and socks, shades of grey seem to be the color motif. The film begins in a mysterious dark space with dancers walking about in [...]

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  • Kafig


    Compagnie Kafig is a French/Algerian dance company led by atistic director and choreographer of international acclaim, Mourad Merzouki. And the dancers are hip hop dancers from Brazil. This is a hip hop dance company which has some amazing work which blends contemporary dance with hip hop. What is shown in this video is an excerpt from a work of which I don’t know the choreographer or dancers names. However, it is identified as being from a performance by the kafig [...]

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  • Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

    Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

    This pas de deux is called “Maria” choreographed by Marcelo Cavalcanti and danced by Marcelo Cavalcanti and Patrícia Fabrin from the Khala Grupo de Danca in Brazil. The duet begins and ends in a pose just like the Michael Angelo Sculpture of Christ held in his Mother’s arms. The music sounds like Stabat Mater but I don’t know which one. The sculptural elements in the choreography are gorgeous made all the more so by the lighting which is simple creating [...]

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