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  • Grupo Corpo – Bach (1) – Belo Horizonte

    Grupo Corpo – Bach (1) – Belo Horizonte

    Elegance with a natural flow carries this section of a ballet called, Bach, choreographed by Rodrigo Pederneiras. It is danced by members of the renowned Brazilian contemporary dance company, Grupo Corpo. The score was created by Marco Antonio Guimaraes. Mr. Pederneiras choreographed this piece in 1996. He choreographed the piece as a game between what we hear and see by using dance as a way to unveil what lies in Bach’s music through Mr. Gumaraes score. The dance is a [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Missa do Orfanato | 1989

    Grupo Corpo – Missa do Orfanato | 1989

    Glorious music and powerful dancing are seen in this excerpt from Rodrigo Pederneiras’s ballet called, Missa do Orfanato. This was danced by the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo in 1989. The music is the K. 139 by Amadeus Mozart, 1768. It is really interesting to see where choreographically this company has evolved from. Sadly this piece is no longer performed, but was considered one of the masterpieces that remained in the company repertoire until 1997. At that point the choreographic style [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – O Corpo .

    Grupo Corpo – O Corpo .

    Powerful with punch! Grupo Corpo the Brazilian company is dancing a section from Rodrigo Pedernerias’ work called, “O Corpo”. The soundtrack is electronic music composed by Brazilian rock composer, Arnaldo Antunes. The set design and lighting is done by Paul Pederneiras and the costumes are created by Freusa Zechmeister and Fernando Veloso. Grupo Corpo was formed by the Pederneiras family in 1975, a time of oppressive military rule and the dominant dance form was the European classical ballet. The family [...]

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  • Duo de “Lecuona”, espetáculo do Grupo Corpo

    Duo de “Lecuona”, espetáculo do Grupo Corpo

    This duet is a whirlwind of hot and intense passion from a work called “Lecuona”, choreographed by Rodrigo Pedereiras, founder and choreographer of the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo. The dancers are artists from the company and the music that is used for the entire ballet are love songs created by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. Lecuona is considered to be the Western equivalent to Gershwin. The whole ballet is a reconstruction of a Latin Ballroom competition, that is based from [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011 Pas de Deux

    Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011 Pas de Deux

    This video is another section from the same ballet, Sem Mim (Without Me) we posted yesterday of the Brazialian Grupo Corpo. This section showing a lovely poetic lament between two lovers is choreographed by Brazialian choreographer Rodrigo Pedemeiras. The musical score is composed by Carlos Numex and Jose Wisnik and is sung in a rich longing lament. The duet is beautifully danced behind a huge net. The net screens the dancers adding an interesting texture and sense of intimacy. You [...]

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  • Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011

    Grupo Corpo – Sem Mim | 2011

    Enjoy some more great dancing by the Brazilian contemporary dance company, Corpo Grupo, dancing a selection from the work Sem Mim, choreographed by Rodrigo Pedemeiras. It is great to see men dancing light on their feet and covering ground! This piece has the sound of an Irish Jig with the flute in the music which is light and dancy. Pedemeiras has employed this sound by having dancers propel themselves through space with the quick foot work similar to that of [...]

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  • Breu (2007) – Grupo Corpo

    Breu (2007) – Grupo Corpo

    Bold and strong, this segment of the dance piece called “Breu”, draws you in by the clever combination of movement, costume and strong rhythm. This is another piece danced by the Brazilian company, Grupo Corpo, and choreographed by the director, Rodrigo Pederneiras. The music is composed by Lenine and the costumes are designed by Freusa Zechmeister. This piece premiered in 2007. It was a turning point in the company’s signature style as Pederneiras began to guide his company to more [...]

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  • PARABELO Grupo Corpo (2011-12)

    PARABELO Grupo Corpo (2011-12)

    Watch this upbeat, fun and explosive segment of a piece performed by the Brazilian contemporary company Gupo Corpo. The piece is choreographed by Rodrigo Pedemeiras and the music is composed by Tom Ze and Ze Miguel Wisnek. The choreography is a blend of classical, contemporary, ethnic and popular dance techniques fused with a distinct Latin American flavor! These dancers can move and they cover ground with a joyful nonchalant ease without ever stopping! The movement is fun and light, with [...]

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  • Danza Contemporanea de Cuba vaquitaproducciones

    Danza Contemporanea de Cuba vaquitaproducciones

    This video shows an ensemble piece danced by a Cuban contemporary dance company called Danza Contemporanea de Cuba. The choreographer is George Cespedes and the video by Franco Bozzo. Unfortunately the vodeo quality isn’t very good but I think the quality of the dancing and choreogrqphy more than compensate for the lack or clarity. I think this company is worh a look. The dance is an abstract piece which is captivating to watch by how the choreographer has arranged a [...]

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  • Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

    Khala Grupo de Dança – Maria

    This pas de deux is called “Maria” choreographed by Marcelo Cavalcanti and danced by Marcelo Cavalcanti and Patrícia Fabrin from the Khala Grupo de Danca in Brazil. The duet begins and ends in a pose just like the Michael Angelo Sculpture of Christ held in his Mother’s arms. The music sounds like Stabat Mater but I don’t know which one. The sculptural elements in the choreography are gorgeous made all the more so by the lighting which is simple creating [...]

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