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  • V (PV) the ARROWS

    V (PV) the ARROWS

    Captivating and clever! This group piece is performed by dancers from the modern dance club at Okayama University in Japan. The music is by a well known Japanese band called, the ARROWS, and the dance was inspired by the tale, “A Frog in the Well”. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the name of the choreographer. I was impressed by the strong visual impact of this piece which shows six dancers crouched inside boxes stacked on top of each other [...]

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  • Folding excerpt – Shen Wei Dance Arts

    Folding excerpt – Shen Wei Dance Arts

    Visually striking these images are from a work choreographed and designed by American Chinese choreographer, Shen Wei. These excerpts are taken from a full work danced by the Shen Wei Dance Arts company that is based in New York. The music is a mix of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala chants with the celestial harmonies of John Taverner. A note of interest is that Shen Wei was the choreographer for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Shen [...]

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