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  • Vertical Road, Akram Khan Company

    Vertical Road, Akram Khan Company

    Dynamic impulses of flight express the power expressed in these excerpts from, Vertical Road, choreographed by Akram Khan and performed by the Akram Khan Company. The music is composed by Nitin Sawhney. Akram Kahn is a choreographer of British and Bangladeshi descent who has achieved international acclaim for his work that is known for it’s synthesis of Eastern and Western movement traditions of classical kathak and modern dance. With Vertical Road, Khan worked with eight specially selected performers from Asia, [...]

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  • Essential Dance Film – There is a Place

    Essential Dance Film – There is a Place

    Poignant and powerful describes this short dance film, There is a Place. The film features dancer/choreographer Sang Jijia and was created by two Scottish film makers; filmed and directed by Katrina McPherson and edited by Simon Fildes. The soundtrack is by Philip Jeck. This film, There is a Place, won the Jury prize for the best Screen Dance Short in the Dance Film Festival in San Francisco, 2011. It was initiated as an international artists exchange to create a new [...]

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  • Cloud Gate – Portrait of the Families

    Cloud Gate – Portrait of the Families

    Intensely powerful and fierce is this iconic work called, “Portrait of the Families” choreographed by the founder and artist director of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Lin Hwai-min. Lin Hwai-min’s inspiration for this work came from his memory when as a boy he discovered a hidden family photo album. Looking at one of the photos, he discovered to his surprise as Taiwanese, his ancestors in the portrait were wearing Japanese Kimonos. He asked questions only to be admonished [...]

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  • Chinese Dance – Nirvana HKAPA

    Chinese Dance – Nirvana HKAPA

    Expressive and meditative is this excerpt from a dance called, Nirvana, which was choreographed by Wu Kam-Ming. It is danced by male dancers from the dance department from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Wu Kam-Ming is an alumni graduate of the program who choreographed this all male piece for a joint program called, “Of Night And Other Things” which aimed at bringing together a balance between opposites such as yin/yang, contemporary and traditional, East and West and past [...]

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  • V (PV) the ARROWS

    V (PV) the ARROWS

    Captivating and clever! This group piece is performed by dancers from the modern dance club at Okayama University in Japan. The music is by a well known Japanese band called, the ARROWS, and the dance was inspired by the tale, “A Frog in the Well”. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the name of the choreographer. I was impressed by the strong visual impact of this piece which shows six dancers crouched inside boxes stacked on top of each other [...]

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  • Butoh (Buto) – Sankai Juku

    Butoh (Buto) – Sankai Juku

    Here we present another strong and beautiful segment danced by the famous Butoh company, Sankai Juku. I don’t know which work this is from, but the choreographer and designer is Ushio Amagatsu who is also the director of the company. I have seen this company live and remember how riveting and powerful they were. The performance seemed so short! The dancers are incredible and the images are literally out of this world! This segment is no exception. The dancing and [...]

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  • TAO Dance Theater “Sketch”  2008 Duan Ni Tao Ye Wang Hao

    TAO Dance Theater “Sketch” 2008 Duan Ni Tao Ye Wang Hao

    The piece on this video is called “Sketch” choreographed by the founder of a newly formed contemporary company from China, Tao Ye. The piece is performed by Duan Ni, Tao Ye and Wang Hao and the music is concerto for piano No. 5 in F minor, Largo, by Bach. This piece is abstract and very stark. The women are dressed all in black with only their faces and hands visible. The piece is very minimal in content and space. They [...]

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    This video shows excerpts from a full-length dance piece called “Tobari” performed by the famous Japanese Butoh dance company, Sankai Juku. The movement is mesmerizing. It is breathtakingly beautiful and so powerful. The moving sculpture is gorgeous and the designs, costumes and dancers give a sense of other worldliness. I have had the opportunity to see this piece live and I was drawn into a space of time that stood still, immersed in such beauty from another place for the [...]

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  • THEATER OF TAIWAN: Moon Water .

    THEATER OF TAIWAN: Moon Water .

    This video shows excerpts from a video production of “Moon Water” choreographed by Lin-Hwai-Min, danced by the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. The music for this piece are selections from six suites for cello by J.S. Bach accompanied by the sounds of splashing water made by the dancers. I regret not seeing this dance company perform this piece live when they were in the area I live, but since then have become acquainted with this piece through the video. [...]

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  • Haze


    This video shows an excerpt from a piece called “Haze”, performed by the Beijing Contemporary Dance Company. The choreography is by Wang Yuan and music by Henryk Gorecki, Symphony No.3 & Biosphere. This piece is fascinating and a great study of how dancers cope on an unstable stage made from what looks like a giant mattress. Overall the piece is dark, gloomy, tense and foreboding. The scene is stark and bare, void of any color. The music, in this excerpt, [...]

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