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  • Ave Maria – SOLO danced by Francisco Gella

    Ave Maria – SOLO danced by Francisco Gella

    Beautifully danced with great feeling! is this solo choreographed and performed by Francisco Gella. The music is J.S. Bach and Ava Maria sung by Celine Dion. Francisco Gella was born in the Philippines and grew up in the United States. He grew up taking gymnastics and only off handily took his first dance class at age 19 as a replacement for his gymnastics, and was hooked! He was studying at the University of Washington, Seattle where he was able to [...]

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    A dancer’s marathon! Enjoy these clips from the signature work by renowned American choreographer, Twyla Tharp called, In the Upper Room. It is performed in this video by members of the Corella Ballet Company at the Teatro Tivoli in Barcelona, Spain. The brilliant score is composed by Philip Glass. This piece was originally created on Tharp’s company in 1986 for thirteen dancers. It is made up of solos, duets, trios and ensemble sections. Dancers spill in and out of the [...]

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  • C’était bien (au petit bal perdu) par Philippe Decouflé

    C’était bien (au petit bal perdu) par Philippe Decouflé

    Clever and fun is this short dance film called, “C’était bien (au petit bal perdu)” [The Little Lost Ball]. It is choreographed by French choreographer, Philippe Decoufle to a song sung by Bourvil called “It Was Good”. I don’t know the names of the performers. The accordionist is Annie Lacour. Philippe Decoufle’s background is initially based in circus and mime training. He later became interested in contemporary dance and went on to study at The National Center of Contemporary Dance [...]

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  • Collide


    Hot and exciting! Take a look at this terrific duet danced by Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman, who were top contestants from SYTYC D, 8 series. The piece is choreographed by Travis Wall to a great song by Howie Day, “Collide”. (acoustic version) This is one of my favorite duos from SYTYCD. I always end up coming back to watch this couple. They are hot! They have great chemistry dancing together. What I really love about them is that they [...]

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  • Jiri Kylian “Bella Figura”

    Jiri Kylian “Bella Figura”

    Visually stunningly is this section from a ballet called, “Bella Figura”, Choreographed by Jiri Kylian. This ballet was first performed by Nederlands Dans Theather 1. However, I am not sure if this particular performance is the Nederlands Dans Theatre or the Boston Ballet. This ballet is another one of Kylian’s masterpieces choreographed in 1995. The work is a one act ballet made up of a series of duets, trios and quartets for nine dancers. The ballet is set to baroque [...]

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  • Itzik Galili: Mona Lisa – Alicia Amatriain & Jason Reilly

    Itzik Galili: Mona Lisa – Alicia Amatriain & Jason Reilly

    Daring athleticism defines this duet called, Mona Lisa, choreographed by the Israeli choreographer, Itzik Galili. It is danced here by Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly, members of the Stuttgart Ballet in Germany. The music was composed in collaboration by Thomas Hofs and Itzik Galili. The music is harsh and industrial made with typewriter sounds that were used symbolically for its use as a tool of communication to underlie the connetction between the couple. The lighting is also very industrial, especially [...]

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  • Arte-an – Dantzaz Konpainia

    Arte-an – Dantzaz Konpainia

    Variety and versatility are emphasized with the selections shown in this video featuring work from two contemporary choreographers in the international scene today, Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili and Slovakian choreographer Lukas Timulak. The company is a relatively new Spanish company called Dantzaz Kompainia. The video is divided into three sections. The first shows clips from Itzik Galili’s piece called “Earth Apples” to music sung by Argentinean singer Mercedes Sosa. The piece was based on the tribal and primitive feeling from [...]

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  • TAIKO – Celebration – Gauthier Dance

    TAIKO – Celebration – Gauthier Dance

    Dynamic and strong is this piece called, Taiko. The choreography and lighting design is by Eric Gauthier and the music is composed by Stephen M Boehme. The dancers are Anna Suheyla Harms, Florian Lochner and Rosario Guerira members of the Gautier Dance Company. This piece was performed at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany. This piece is based on Japanese Taiko drumming featuring three dancers each “playing” and dancing the part of a taiko drummer. The movement is derived from the actual [...]

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  • DV8 PHYSICAL THEATRE: Strange Fish

    DV8 PHYSICAL THEATRE: Strange Fish

    Haunting and disquieting is this section from the video called “Strange Fish” by DV8 Physical Theatre. It was originally conceived, choreographed and directed by Lloyd Newson and later adapted to film by Newson and David Hinton. Hinton directed this film. The name of the piece was adapted from an old Buddhist saying: “Be as ignorant of what you are going to catch as a fisherman is of what is at the end of his fishing line”. This refers to the [...]

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