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  • Collide


    Hot and exciting! Take a look at this terrific duet danced by Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman, who were top contestants from SYTYC D, 8 series. The piece is choreographed by Travis Wall to a great song by Howie Day, “Collide”. (acoustic version) This is one of my favorite duos from SYTYCD. I always end up coming back to watch this couple. They are hot! They have great chemistry dancing together. What I really love about them is that they [...]

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  • SYTYCD Season 9 Opening Number – Christopher Scott Routine

    SYTYCD Season 9 Opening Number – Christopher Scott Routine

    Here is the opening group routine for SYTYCD season 9, top 20. It is choreographed by Christopher Scott. This is actually one of my favorite ensemble pieces from the entire series. To me it ranks with much outstanding choreography on the contemporary stage at large I like the choice of music which underpins the piece with a constant jarring drive. It seems to push the workers to madly do more fueling the tension between them as they seem trapped in [...]

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  • Perfect – Contemporary

    Perfect – Contemporary

    A great example of popular contemporary dance, danced by two dancers I don’t know. But I was really impressed by their performance. I enjoyed not only their strong technique but that they imbued it with so much feeling; a rough and raw driving passion from beginning to end. Well danced by two people who show a great passion and love of dance! Enjoy the “show” and pass it on!

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