Aterballetto in H+ – coreog. Mauro Bigonzetti, musiche live di Jazzy Dogs

Energetic jazz and contemporary fusion is featured in this video montage of Mauro Bigonzetti’s recent work called H+. The music and lyrics are written and performed by Jazzy Dogs, Frederico Bigonzetti and Mark Borgazzi.

The piece is danced by the Aterballetto Dance Company in Italy, of which Mauro Bigonzetti has been resident choreographer for a number of years.

Through this program, Bigonzetti speaks of the special importance that water has in our lives. He encourages us to increase our responsibility through wise actions and love towards this special commodity.

In this work Bigonzetti fused his unique contemporary style with the rhythms and sounds of Jazz music. He focused on structural elements that derived from the sound and gesture in the music to develop the movement vocabulary The piece became a synthesis of choreographic composition through sound, gesture, movement, rhythm, design and energy.

The dancing is beautiful and the choreography is captivating as it sensually flows and entwines with the syncopated rhythms and sounds in the music. One duet which stands out is of a dancer wearing a percussion shield who dances while being played on by a drummer. It makes for an interesting dynamic!

I really enjoy the clean lyrical movement of Bigonzetti’s movement style. It is fascinating, to me, to see the effects he created by blending his distinctly contemporary movement with a jazz sensibility compared to the strong classical fusion he has used seen in previous posts.

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