Batsheva Dance Company at BAM: MAX

This Video shows two clips from a piece choreographed by Israeli choreographer, Ohad Naharin and danced by the Batsheva dance Company. We can see in these clips the influence of gaga technique in the movements of the dancers.

The group piece has interesting images as the dancers work together to creating simple patterns. What is unique is the dancers are stationary moving only their heads, arms, and torsos in unison. An emotional response is created by the speed and exactness of the dancers gestures and expressions on their faces as you watch.

The second piece is a duet, danced by two women to a takademe style sound track. The rhythm of the voice accentuates the dancer’s movements which are quirky and animated. The angles they generate with their limbs and the punctuated sharp gestures create a fascinating conversation.

This piece is well danced and fun to watch!

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