Dark Matters, Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM

Dark Matters is choreographed by Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite, and presented here by Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM at Dance House. The music is an original score composed by Owen Belton

The montage shows clips from the work, Dark Matters, in which Crystal Pite explores and shows how invisible forces play on the human body and mind. The choreography is extraordinarily complex and fluid and brilliantly clever. It is powerful in drama and raw emotions and is absolutely absorbing in the way it draws you in with stunning timing of details. It is raw, reckless, and free with a courageous driving energy that holds nothing in movement risk and ideas.

I could watch Crystal Pites work again and again and still be in awe of the fluid and organic way she has her dancer’s move, connect in and out of moments of pure human pathos.

Absolutely stunning! A must see live!

I hope you enjoy as well and share with your friends!


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