Gods and Dogs | Jiri Kylián | Nederlands Dans Theater II

Exciting and scorching! These clips are from one of Jiri Kylians later pieces, Gods and Dogs, danced by Nederlands Dans Theater II. The music is Ludwig Van Beethovan, string quartet No. 1 in F, Op 18, No. 1:II Adagio The music in the last duet has been altered by Dirk Haubrich to create a different sound by “bending” it with projections and modifications that make it sound harsh and metallic

This was one of Kylian’s last pieces he choreographed for the company before he resigned from the artistic directorship in 1999 and remained on as Artistic Advisor and guest choreographer.

This is an abstract surreal piece stunning in both visuals and sound. The back curtain is made up of a long line of metal chains and the eerie cinematic lighting creates a stark metallic effect with sharp shadows and reflections. The sound for the last duet has been altered into dark industrial sounds which sound to me like insects from a horror show, but is very exciting and dramatic.

The movement ranges from the lyrical and propelling with the wonderful use of sculptural visuals that is so prominent in Kylians work to aggressive, abrupt and edgy. This creates a sense of suspense tinged with anguish. It is a fascinating and exciting piece.

The dancing is wonderful as always with the Nederlands Dance Theatre, and this looks like a performance that is on the “must see” list.

Hope you find it exciting too


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