Jiri Kylian-A way Alone “Body Of Work” 2006

This video clip shows a short piece called, A Way Alone, choreographed by Jiri Kylian for the Rotterdam Dance Academy. This performance is performed by dance and music students. The music is Bach, from the Goldberg Variations 15 Canone Andante.

I found this quite by surprise as I was perusing through Kylians ballets and was really impressed by the simplicity and elegance of this short piece especially with the part where he used sign language to choreograph the ensemble section.

I think the music supports the movements beautifully and keeps the piece sensitive and expressive. The whole ensemble section is done with the performers sitting on stools as a choir behind the soloists who sit on the edge of the stage in light. One can imagine from this what a silent choir would “sound” and look like. I thought it was a wonderful idea and very effective.

The trio at the beginning of the piece is well danced, clean and expressive accented with claps and poignant sculptural images with the bodies of the dancers. This has Kylians’ flow of movement however abstract with beautiful designs and of course his exquisite musicality.

I was moved by this piece and find it lovely to watch!

I don’t know sign language so I don’t know what they are saying but it would be interesting to know.

I hope you like it too!


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