Les Indomptes

Here is a wonderful duet for two men called, Les Indomptes. It was choreographed by Claude Brumachon and danced by Jiri and Otto Bubenickovi, principal dancers with the Hamburg Ballet. The music is by Wim Mertens.

This duet was quite a discovery! The choreographer Claude Brumachon is a highly acclaimed French choreographer and dancer. He has been a prolific choreographer with an extensive collection of dance creations to his name. He founded his own dance company in 1984 called the Claude Brumachon Dance Company. Currently he also co-directs the National Choreographic Center in Nantes. Brumachon choreographed, Les Indomptes for the Jeune Ballet de France, Paris in 1992.

The dancers, Otto and Jiri Bubenickovi, in this performance are twin brothers! They both studied together at the Dance Conservatory in Prague. When they graduated they both joined the Hamburg Ballet becoming principal dancers within 6 years. They are the Checkslovakian stars of ballet, having made numerous television and other special guest appearances around the country.

I think watching the brother’s dance together is quite special and adds another dimension to this powerful and moving duet. Brumachon has a unique and dynamic movement language which contrasts sharp gestures, athletic prowess with sensitive and touching lyricism. I see this duet as an ode to brotherly love, not just literally but in a universal way. It is a love that is fiercely loyal, full of passionate tensions with lyrical poetic tenderness, vulnerability and trust. They support and are supported. They stand together yet apart. And they are not afraid to express this intimate and profound loving bond that exists between them.

The dancing is amazing and powerful. Dance like music is an art form that crosses boundaries between people and nations. I was struck with how this duet comes across to me as one of those dances that also has intensity to not only cross external boundaries but internal ones as well; the boundaries within ones mind and around ones heart. I admit this rare find made me feel an array of feelings strong enough to bring tears to my eyes!

I thank these wonderful dance artists for giving us such a beautiful dance.


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